Adult Tuition


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Enjoy riding as a Beginner rider, Experienced rider or you can even join a group lesson.

Beginner Rider

Tuition is tailored to suit each individual. Lessons are conducted on the lunge in a 1-hour private session. Riders will learn balance through understanding the movement of the horse, confidence through basic communication with the horse and control by learning the aids to halt, move forward and turn. All riders learn basic safety around horses as well as grooming and saddling.

Experienced Rider

Private and group lessons are available for riders with experience. A private lesson is required to assess the rider's standard of knowledge. Riders can improve their knowledge and skills in all disciplines of dressage, jumping and outdoor riding on one of our trained horses, or you can bring your own.

Lunging, floating, undoing bad habits and gear fitting is all part of the owner training sessions.

Group Lessons

Morning, evening and weekend classes are available for riders who wish to join a group. The group lessons are educational, fun and challenging and will keep you fit. They are a great way to socialise with like-minded people in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Partners or friends may wish to come along and watch the lesson from our coffee lounge.